Twin Transition: CSISAC kicked off its first virtual roundtable

Oct 24, 2022

CSISAC’s first virtual roundtable on “Twin Transition” took place on October 17. This series is aimed to discuss, analyze, and understand the interlinks between digital transition (or digitalization) and the green transition (or environmental / green improvements to protect the environment and to mitigate problems related to climate change).

In this first instance, the debate took center stage, where there was a rich exchange of views within about 20 young people, aged 18-30, members of the OECD Youth Wise. Each of them, from different countries and regions, brought their knowledge and perspective, and provided very interesting points of view in relation to climate change and the expansion of technology as a young global generation. To facilitate the dialogue, the roundtable was developed under Chatham House Rules, whose mission is to analyze and promote understanding of major international issues and current affairs.

A summary report with the key outputs from the roundtables will be published before the Committee of Digital Economy Policy (CDEP) Ministerial meeting.