Verbal Statement of CSISAC at the OECD Ministerial Adoption Ceremony

Dec 16, 2022
December 15, 2022, Gran Canaria, Spain Thank you Honorable Chair, and with thanks to the Spanish government, distinguished ministers, and stakeholders.

On behalf of Civil Society at OECD, we are pleased to highlight several of the many excellent aspects of the Ministerial Declaration on a Trusted, Sustainable, and Inclusive Digital Future.

We note with gratitude:

- The Recognition of the Sustainable Development Goals as timely and important;
- The inclusion of a comprehensive digital measurement agenda, as we cannot improve what we do not measure;
- The timely inclusion of a fulsome statement regarding the provision of guidance regarding Artificial Intelligence; and,
- The call to foster a digital transformation that puts people and the protection of human rights at the center. This is most welcome.

We thank the OECD for its important work, and Civil Society looks forward to supporting and working collaboratively with the OECD as we move into the decade ahead to accomplish these important goals.

Verbal statement of CSISAC, Ministerial Adoption Ceremony

Pam Dixon and Valeria Milanes, co-heads of Delegation