IGF Kyoto 2023: CSISAC's Members Participation

Oct 8, 2023

The IGF (Internet Governance Forum) is one of the most important forums in the field of Internet policy, where diverse stakeholders discuss a wide range of issues related to the Internet on an equal footing under the auspices of the United Nations.

CSISAC´s members IDEC and APC were invited to participate in two sessions organized by the OECD on Day 0 of the IGF Kyoto 2023. 

  • "Pursuing a Metaverse based on Democratic Values", organized by the OECD Global Forum on Technology (GFTech) and the Government of Japan. Camila Leite (IDEC) was part of the panel jointly with Akimasa YAMASHITA, Vice Governor of Kyoto, Audrey PLONK, Head of Digital Economy Policy Division, OECD, Souichirou KOZUKA, Chair of the MIC's metaverse taskforce, Neil TREVETT, Chairman Metaverse Standards Forum, Pearse O’DONOGHUE, Director, Directorate-General for CNECT at the European Commission, and Mazuba Haanyama, Head of Human Rights Policy for the Africa, Middle East, and Turkey region, META.

The panel addressed the need to develop shared standards and protocols towards innovation and implementation of immersive technologies, such as the metaverse, with attention to ensuring interoperability and portability.

  • “Financing Broadband Networks of the Future to bridge digital”, organized by the OECD, Adriana Labardini (APC) shared the panel with Ms. Maki Takahashi, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan, Ms. Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, Mr. Kojo Boakye, Vice President of Public Policy for Africa, Middle East and Turkey, Meta, and Mr. Alejandro Solano Diaz, CFO, ONNET Fibra Colombia. 

This panel explored the diversity of funding models and shed light on the financial landscape around connectivity infrastructure, ranging from submarine cables to fixed and mobile networks, and the different opportunities to leverage funds to connect people and things.