CSISAC debated about trust in the digital space

Dec 13, 2022

On Tuesday, December 13, CSISAC delegates participated in the "Roundtable on Trust in the Digital Space", organized by ITAC, in the framework of the OECD 2022 Ministerial Meeting, which is being held until December 16 in Gran Canaria, Spain.

During the meeting, key points about safe navigation in digital environments, promotion, development, use, and misinformation regarding Artificial Intelligence in such environments were discussed. 

Rebecca Finley, CEO of Partnership on AI, elaborated by saying: “We know AI has created forms of misinformation, disinformation, and trust issues. We know it has done great things too. Three groups have to behave responsibly: those creating synthetic media, entities that are distributing and posting synthetic media, that building infrastructure for synthetic media.”

Finally, the delegate concluded by stressing the importance of informing future generations and the current population about the use of these new technologies, since, for the representative, “technology on Artificial Intelligence is advancing so quickly and we are already behind on government regulation.”

In addition, the following participated in this meeting: Markus B. Jaeger,VDE Global Head of Political Affairs; Robert Kroplewski Plenipotentiary of Minister of Digital Affairs for Information Society, Chancellery of Prime Minister; Sebastian Hallensleben VDE e.V. and CEN-CENELEC Head of Digitalisation & AI.