Ministerial Day 1: CSISAC was present at the panel "Strengthening the foundations for DS"

Dec 14, 2022

On Wednesday, December 14, CSISAC participated in the Ministerial panel "Strengthening the foundations for digital security across products and services", in the framework of the OECD 2022 Ministerial Meeting, which is being held until December 16 in Gran Canaria, Spain.

This session focused on the analysis of security in the digital environment oriented towards products and services.

Charlotte Lindsey, Chief Public Policy Officer of CyberPeace Institute, referred to the problems in supply chains: "The challenge of supply chain is how you manage the risks, how you establish good practices. In critical sectors that is going to be really important".

Also participating in the event were: David Fernández- Granado, Cipher CEO; Kristjan Jarvan, Estonia, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology; Michael Punke, Vice President of AWS; Florian Schutz, Federal Delegate of Cybersecurity, Switzerland; Roberto Viola, Director General European Commission; Andrew Wilson, Global Policy Director from International Chamber of Commerce.